Churchill on manoeuvres

We were asked to safely move a charcoal caricature of Churchill on distempered brick found in the flooded under-stage of the disused St. Mary’s Hospital, Stannington. It is assumed to have been drawn by an inmate when the Army requisitioned the building as an emergency admissions hospital during WWII.

After designing a reinforced carrying structure to keep the wall intact without disturbing the image, it was successfully removed (with much bated breath) before the building was demolished.

The rescued panel has now been built into a new brick wall inside the refurbished 1910 former Chapel, which now functions as the Stannington Village Community Hall.
Churchill has been carefully cleaned and has a ventilated glass casing which protects the delicate charcoal drawing and signature, A.Z. ENSA 1943.

We are getting used to dealing with historic graffiti. Two of our recent jobs concern preservation of such – Richmond Castle 19th century Cell Block where graffiti created by prisoners and others from the First World War onwards is in fragile condition, and smoke pictures on the timber ceilings of rooms at Berwick Barracks.

The Churchill Panel in its new home

Delicate graffiti

The panel in its precarious flooded location

Our design package for safe removal before building demolition

En-route - slowly does it!

The panel goes into safe storage

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