Community Based Projects

Community projects can require a great deal of determination to drive the consultations, negotiations and fund raising efforts required for a successful outcome. We find enthusiasm is usually the key to getting people involved. We have enjoyed a great deal of success in working with community groups to turn their ideas into reality. We can help develop proposals, prepare feasibility studies and sketch designs together with budget costings to help persuade funding bodies that a project is viable and worth supporting.

As a practice we want to actively encourage community groups as we believe some of the most successful buildings, urban redevelopment and landscaping schemes are generated by the community, for the community.

Bottesford Neighbourhood Plan, Leicestershire

Community Based Projects . View Bottesford Neighbourhood Plan, Leicestershire

Community Led Design and Development – Homes for older people

Community Based Projects . View Community Led Design and Development – Homes for older people

Morpeth Neighbourhood Plan

Community Based Projects . View Morpeth Neighbourhood Plan

Tarset and Greystead Neighbourhood Plan

Design Guides & Planning . View Tarset and Greystead Neighbourhood Plan

Affordable Housing, Allendale

Community Based Projects . View Affordable Housing, Allendale

Affordable Housing, Allendale

Berwick Barracks Reawakening Project

Community Based Projects . View Berwick Barracks Reawakening Project