Building Analysis, Recording & Research

We are able to offer a wide range of services associated with research, recording and analysis of existing buildings. This varies from detailed investigation into the developmental history of a building to the preparation of Design Guides; using a detailed understanding of the vernacular architecture of an area to offer advice on appropriate forms of contemporary intervention.

The need to make Scheduled Monuments safe for visiting public is a powerful incentive in seeking inspection to record the condition of a monument. We have completed many such Condition Surveys, advised on the problems and offered advice on where repairs or intervention might be considered. Conservation Plans are a complementary tool which serve to identify those values which make a building or monument significant. Identification of these values can help inform decisions about long-term protection and management.

When applying for Listed Building Consent, Planning Authorities increasingly refer to the inclusion of an Archaeological Survey. The level of survey required is dependent on the significance of the building and the extent of any intervention proposed. We are able to assist with Archaeological Surveys to English Heritage Levels 1-4.

Little Greencroft Farm

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Barmoor Castle

Building Analysis, Recording & Research > Plans, Audits & Condition Surveys. View Barmoor Castle

Tarset and Greystead Neighbourhood Plan

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Berwick Barracks Reawakening Project

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Spanish City, Whitley Bay, 1910

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Spanish City

Historic Building Publications

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Historic Building Publications