Our Portfolio

The differing interests and skills of the individuals within the practice has enabled us to offer expertise across a wide range of project types. Whilst we are always willing to consider venturing into new areas this should not be misinterpreted as a willingness to do ‘anything and everything’. The skills we have developed are associated primarily with historic buildings, be it their conservation, alteration or building new within their context. A good understanding of the north east region’s environment, through its communities and its varying local vernacular, informs all we do, even the most contemporary work.
For larger scale work we also take the skills we have in thoroughly understanding places to other areas of the UK.

We have put together a selection of some of our projects, should you wish to explore further. We have attempted to divide them into six main categories, but you will see that there is a degree of overlap in most of the work we do.

Barn Conversion Near Wooler

New Build & Alteration > Residential. Also found under Environmental Design. View Barn Conversion Near Wooler

A new use for a redundant barn

English Heritage Holiday Cottage on Lindisfarne

New Build & Alteration > Commercial. View English Heritage Holiday Cottage on Lindisfarne

Earls Dene – an extension to a Victorian house

> New Build & Alteration. Also found under Residential. View Earls Dene – an extension to a Victorian house

Bottesford Neighbourhood Plan, Leicestershire

> Community Based Projects. View Bottesford Neighbourhood Plan, Leicestershire

Affordable Housing, Allendale

> Community Based Projects. View Affordable Housing, Allendale

Affordable Housing, Allendale

The Palace of Arts, 1929

Building Analysis, Recording & Research > Plans, Audits & Condition Surveys. Also found under Twentieth Century. View The Palace of Arts, 1929

Palace of Arts, the North East Coast Exhibition, 1929