Our Portfolio

The differing interests and skills of the individuals within the practice has enabled us to offer expertise across a wide range of project types. Whilst we are always willing to consider venturing into new areas this should not be misinterpreted as a willingness to do ‘anything and everything’. The skills we have developed are associated primarily with historic buildings, be it their conservation, alteration or building new within their context. A good understanding of this region’s environment, through its communities and its varying local vernacular, informs all we do, even the most contemporary work.

We have put together a selection of some of our projects, should you wish to explore further. We have attempted to divide them into five main categories, but you will see that there is a degree of overlap in most of the work we do.

Holy Trinity Church, Cambo

Conservation & Restoration > Churches. View Holy Trinity Church, Cambo

Holy Trinity Church, Cambo

Alnmouth Boathouses

> Community Based Projects. View Alnmouth Boathouses

Alnmouth Boathouses

Union Chain Bridge

> Conservation & Restoration. Also found under Heritage. View Union Chain Bridge

Affordable Housing, Allendale

> Community Based Projects. View Affordable Housing, Allendale

Affordable Housing, Allendale

Kitchen extension in Victorian House

New Build & Alteration > Residential. View Kitchen extension in Victorian House

New kitchen in Victorian House, North Tyneside

Tyne Pedestrian and Cyclist Tunnel, 1951

Building Analysis, Recording & Research > Plans, Audits & Condition Surveys. View Tyne Pedestrian and Cyclist Tunnel, 1951

Tyne Pedestrian and Cyclist Tunnel